Wind Speed and Direction Analyzer


Analyzing System for Wind-speed Gathering
This system is served as measuring and recording wind speed and wind direction (ready for use). It has capacity of cycle record of 8000 history record. Targeted-design nixie tube, liquid crystal screen and keyboard contribute to the easy and convenient operation. It can also communicate with computer, that is, to record the data of wind speed and wind direction to computer, which will be observed and analyzed by this system. Through the usage of the system, users can gain the general picture of local wind resources anticipating the purchase of wind turbine generator, which render them to learn whether wind turbine generator or which model can be appropriate to be installed locally.

Technical index
Wind speed Measuring range: 0~60m/s
Wind direction Measuring range: 0~360°
Wind speed Accuracy: ±0.3m/s
Wind direction Accuracy: ± 3°
Power supply: AC 220V±20% 50HZ,or DC6V.
Recording interval: 1min to 60mins
Communicating joint: RS-232
Operating environment temperature: -40~50 Celsius


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